Magnolia & White Lilies woodcuts by Mabel Royds (1847 - 1941) Notecard pac

Magnolia & White Lilies woodcuts by Mabel Royds (1847 - 1941) Notecard pack

Robert Gillmor

Redwings/Bullfinches From original prints by Robert Gillmor 5 each of 2 designs

Hare in Snow / Bullfinches Prints by A W Seaby 5 each of 2 designs Notecards

Born in London in 1867, Allen Seaby was a painter, illustrator, colour woodcut artist and writer. He studied at Reading University’s School of Art where, from 1920-33, he was Professor of Fine Art. He illustrated and wrote a number of books during his career including: ‘Art in the Life of Mankind’, 1928-31, and ‘Colour Printing with Linoleum and Wood Blocks’, 1928. He also travelled widely in Scotland when he was working on the plates for a book on British birds, from 1910-13. Seaby was an influential exponent of the colour woodcut method with his subjects including birds, animals, and scenes from both the United Kingdom and Europe. A collection of some of this artist's work can be found at the National Galleries of Scotland. These cards are 140mm x 170mm, they are packed with a buff coloured envelope in a biodegradable cello sleeve. Notecard wallets - 10 cards, 105mm x 148mm
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Wallets of 10 cards and envelopes, 5 each of 2 designs - 105mm x 148mm