collage by Mark Hearld

Chickens 3D die cut card Collage by Mark Hearld

watching the ducks

watching the ducks GREETING CARD BY CELIA HART

with his hens: preening! GREETING CARD BY CELIA HART

Artist Statement I only had to look out of my studio window for inspiration for this series of designs . . . my cockerel and his hens have free range of the walled garden, they forage for grubs and seeds and make dust baths for keeping their feathers clean before sitting in the sunshine to preen. They get up at dawn and settling down to roost at sunset . . . keeping me in touch with the changing seasons.
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square greetings card with design detail inside Scanned from an original linocut print. Each card measures 5.75 x 5.75 inches. Printed on white card. With a kraft paper envelope.
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