Artist: Hilary Paynter

Seals Artist: Hilary Paynter

Hilary Paynter Penny and Tuppence

Hilary Jasmine Erica Paynter MBE (born 1943 ) is a British wood engraver and printmaker.

She was born in Dunfermline and spent much of her life abroad in places such as Malta and China. She studied sculpture and wood engraving at Portsmouth College of Art before embarking on a career within education. Wood engraving became her medium of choice when she had a child and stone carving in the kitchen became too hazardous.

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135 x 135mm with off-white paper envelope. Paper is sourced from sustainable forests in the EU and the cards are wrapped in compostable, corn starch bags. All products are printed and published in the Uk Publisher Canns Down Press