Hens by Cathy King

Hens by Cathy King

Ten Poems about Birds Various Authors (2nd edition) By Candlestick Press

There is probably more poetry about birds than about any other insect or animal, as if there’s something in the nature of a bird that makes it particularly suited to the small and intense space that is a poem. This delightful anthology is a second edition of one of Candlestick Press most popular titles and includes some beautiful new poems. It opens up a captivating world that exists in parallel to our own and will be relished by birders and poetry lovers alike.
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ISBN 978 1 907598 51 7

The ten selections are little miracles in themselves, capturing the quirks of habit or appearance that distinguish one species from another. Never anthropomorphic, they imagine what the vivid life of a bird must be, or tease out what it is that thrills or moves us when we’re surprised by a bird as we hurry about our lives.

For Kathleen Jamie the wheeling flight of swallows captures a life lived in brightness and freedom, while for Katrina Porteous a skylark is:

“…all the music the heart needs,
Full of its sudden fall, silent fields.”

from ‘Skylark’ by Katrina Porteou

Poems by Elizabeth BishopJohn ClareEmily DickinsonPaul FarleyRebecca GossKathleen JamieMichael LongleyGeorge MacBethKatrina Porteousand Lynne Wycherley.

Cover illustration by Cathy King.

Donation to The Owls Trust.