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Ten Poems about Grandparents Poetry Pamphlet By Candlestick Press

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Ten Poems about Clouds Poetry Pamphlet By Candlestick Press

Who hasn’t looked up at the sky and seen a whale or a poodle or a sports car? The shape-shifting nature of clouds means they never fail to entertain and intrigue us. Here in the British Isles we get our fair share of clouds. Whether it’s the dumpy little cumulus of a hot day in high summer or the spirit-dampening stratus of a wet November weekend, it’s hard to imagine our skies without them.
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ISBN 978 1 907598 48 7
These poems explore the many different ways in which we experience clouds – whether simply as weather or as a more abstract representation of a state of mind or a mood. The pamphlet features the two winning poems from the competition run in association with The Cloud Appreciation Society and a brand new cloud poem from the Society’s Poet in Residence Katharine Towers. It’s impossible to pin down a cloud and this rich and varied selection reflects that beguiling elusiveness. Cover illustration by Bill Sanderson.